The Wisconsin Campers Association is a nonprofit family camping organization dedicated to enhancing the enjoyment of the camping experience for its members, their families, camping friends, and anyone camping around them. The organization is made up of local chapters throughout the state of Wisconsin. Each local chapter sets their camping schedules for the season at private or state campgrounds, typically once or twice a month. Chapter campouts are always open to other chapter's members and interested guests. After all what we find most enjoyable is sharing the camping experience with others.

Wisconsin Campers Association

Over 50 Years of Promoting Family Camping!!
Who Joins WCA?
There is no typical member of WCA; there are couples, families, and individuals. There are members with campers, motor homes, pop-ups, and even some tents. There are members who like to hike, bike, read, or just sit and enjoy a campfire. There are NASCAR, football, soccer, fishing and hunting enthusiasts. There are people who like to cook, knit and paint. Most of all however, all the WCA members enjoy getting out of their homes to go camping. They all like to feel the exhilaration of crisp clean air outdoors. We encourage all WCA members to find the chapter that best fits their family and lifestyle or you can even start your own WCA chapter. Check out our "Chapters" page for a description of the each of our 7 active chapters.
Why Join A Camping Club?
There are many advantages to camping with others. The obvious ones are you are camping and often traveling with people who enjoy the same things you do. There are people who can help you with questions on how to fix, maintain or get the best use out of your equipment. They share experiences on where to go to find the best campgrounds, the best prices, the most fun in and around the water and even where to find the best flea market near a campground. We currently have several members that have been active in WCA for 50 years. Their camping experience and knowledge is priceless.
How Do You Join WCA?
Membership in WCA is very inexpensive (we are really a non-profit organization) open to anyone who shares an interest in camping as recreation. For only $20.00 initial membership fee and $15.00 per year dues you can be a part of our great statewide organization. Come try us out at a trial campout and see how quickly you will make new friends who like you - love to camp. When you are ready to join us just fill out the Registration Form and return the completed form to the Membership Secretary with your initial membership dues of $20.00. If you have any questions please feel free to e-mail us.

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